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A – Z of Professional Blogging – What Every Blogger Should Be Aware of

As I keep encouraging both people at work and outside work to explore all these relatively new social software tools available out there: wikis, weblogs, social bookmarking, web syndication (RSS / Atom), podcasting, and whatever other social networking tools, in order to improve and augment the way they may be sharing knowledge and collaborating with other knowledge workers, I have always been encouraging them to go out there and start playing with all these tools; trying them out to see if they would fit their needs or if they are tools they would want to explore further at some point in time. And in the world of the Blogosphere time and time again I keep getting back to one of the fundamental resources, in my opinion, for every weblogger out there who may want to expand their weblogging boundaries.  Yes, indeed, that key fundamental resource is Darren Rowse‘s ProBlogger: one of the most relevant and resourceful weblogs out there that helps people  improve their weblogging experience a huge deal !

If you haven’t check out his project on 31 Days to Building a Better Blog you surely should ! It is one of those must-read series of weblog posts that will certainly help you getting started with your own weblogging experience and much more importantly it will provide you with an extended set of tips you could make use in order to get your own weblog where you always wanted it to be. Worth while a good paused read, for sure. But that is not the reason why I am actually creating this particular post. It is actually for one weblog post that he has created that can certainly keep you busy for a whole weekend reading through it all.

A couple of days ago Darren created what has been, up until now, one of my favourite weblog posts of all times and one post that I have been already using a few times to spread the message around about weblogs and weblogging in general. It is titled A – Z of Professional Blogging and in it you would be able to find an impressive list of 130 tools and platforms, thus far, all of them related to weblogging or to your own experience with this relatively new social  software application. Yes, indeed, quite impressive!

That is why I wanted to create this particular post today, Friday, so that folks out there who may be interested in reading further on some of those tools or applications would have as well, at least, some time to play around with them. As I said the list is huge and it has got some really handy tips on weblogging tools available out there. By no means it is a complete list, but it surely is a good start and I am sure that as time goes by and people continue to provide more feedback on missing tools Darren would be updating the list to make it even much more resourceful. I haven’t yet gone through the entire list of tools put together, that is going to be my homework for this coming weekend but I can see already a couple of weblogging tools that I am using that are not in the list, so perhaps beginning of next week, when I have dug into the already existing ones I would be updating this particular weblog post to include the listing of those which have not been included just yet and, hopefully, Darren will include them as well as part of the list.

Let’s see if I am able to finish the homework or not. But either way, just get yourself over there and dive into it. I am sure that weblog post will keep you busy for a few hours with some fun exploring to do. And if you are using a weblogging tool that is not in the list, by all means, please let Darren know so that we can all make it grow bigger and bigger by the day. After all, it is our weblogging guide, right ?

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