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Here is an upcoming event that although I may not be able to make it I still think it is worth while following up on and check it out, specially since one of the event participants is Bill Ives, who, I am sure, would be weblogging about the event in its due time, along with Verna Allee. Social Media, Networks & Tools will get going on Friday the 19th and has got an impressive lineup, that is for sure. Here is the announcement details that I have received myself through e-mail:

Networks propel business. They are the fabric of society. Fluency in the language of networks is critical. Your breakthrough Ohio Network Cluster event will examine Social Media, Networks & Tools. All are welcome.

Join globally recognized authorities on social networks, blogs/wikis, value networks and social media for open, authentic conversation on networks and network analysis. Luminaries for your cluster include Valdis Krebs, Verna Allee and Bill Ives.

The social and network reorientation of work, business and society is accelerating. Social networks are front page news.Blogs are fundamentally altering our information landscape. Critical to these spectacular transformations are the rapidly expanding fields of social media, social network analysis and value networks.

Over the last several years, network archetypes and analysis have exploded onto the KM, collaboration, community, organizational and institutional scene. Social network software, blogs, wikis and people-based applications are everywhere.

Social networks and value network analysis are now being applied broadly with stunning results. Learn, see and discuss these powerful new applications. Identify and discover innovative network practices from experts with decades of hands-on experience.

Your non-commercial, open, low-cost and authentic Spring 2006 Action/Research Cluster will cover this territory in depth. Mastery of social and value networks will equip you with exceptional benefits and advantages. Your Social Media, Networks & Tools cluster network event is critical for all 21st Century leaders.

The modest participant sponsorship tuition includes all materials, meals, books, parking and refreshments. All participants receive a learner’s version of InFlow software and access to an extensive library of open source tools for value networks.

Dress is business casual. Wi-Fi access is available. A pre-event reception is planned on May 18th for registered participants. Bring business cards. Pre-registration in advance is required. All are welcome.

As I said, this is one of those events that I would certainly be interested in finding out more how it went, thus if you are going to be there and care to share somewhere online your experiences it would be great ! As I said I do hope that Bill will also venture into doing some conblogging and give us some insights as to how it went because there is no doubt, indeed, that weblogs, wikis and whatever other social networking tools, are changing the current KM and remote collaboration landscapes bringing back KM into the font page where the key towards a successful KM strategy may not longer be due to the tools and processes but more on the people themselves, which is perhaps where it should have been altogether in the first place.

Thus let’s see if we can get our hands on the event and report on how it went. Fingers crossed that we would be able to have some account of it as the time approaches by. We shall see…

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