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English Wikipedia Reaches One Million Articles – Congratulations!

It certainly has got to be the news of the day, and perhaps, even the news of the week ! Yes, indeed, and I am sure you have all read it all over the place in multiple weblogs and multiple web sites so why am I also going to create this weblog post on the subject, right? You may be wondering. Well, you will read about it in a minute. First, and just for those who may not have seen it yet, I just want to point out the piece of news where the English Wikipedia Reaches One Million Articles. Indeed, and, like I said, you can read more about it at the press release (English Wikipedia Publishes Millionth Article) or any of the other web sites and weblogs I have read it on so far, including the cases of TailRank and Tech.memeorandum, along with Shoutwire.

Main reason why I thought about creating this particular weblog post is because, despite all of the different issues that were raised in the recent past regarding the quality and accuracy of Wikipedia’s articles, they still continue to grow further day in day out and provide the value that all collective knowledge could provide, which is a massive gathering of a huge amount of information with access for everyone and covering a whole wide area of different topics. And that perseverance is something worth while praising for. All in all the English Wikipedia has got now over one million articles but that is not all of it. In total it is an online encyclopedia with 3.3 million articles under development in more than 125 languages. Very impressive. I doubt we would ever be having other similar resources that could provide such in-depth of information in such a short period of time, considering that it was founded in 2001.

In all of the different weblogs I maintain you probably have noticed how I am constantly referring to different Wikipedia articles that although I am not using them as the main authoritative resources I certainly believe that they are always a good start to provide you with some good information and some further tips you could then explore further if you would wish to. So that is why I thought the least I could do to celebrate it is to dedicate this weblog post to all of those folks who have always believed that Wikipedia could provide that cutting edge advantage in spreading knowledge, information and boost collaboration on the web, specially if you think about the thousands and thousands of Wikipedia editors that are out there.

Thus a massive thumbs up to you all and kudos to all the work you have been doing all along ! Let’s hope we can make it for another million of English articles, if not more !

And while celebrating all this we actually get to find out about some interesting tips out there to take the most advantage of this particular online encyclopedia. Like, for instance, you would be able to Put Wikipedia on your iPod (As Lifehacker mentions) by going into the Encyclopodia web site to read some further instructions on how to achieve that. A great tip that I am surely going to enjoy myself as soon as I get it installed in my iPod.

Or, also another good reference worth while watching would be unofficial Wikipedia Blog where you can read a whole bunch of stuff on how this particular weblog tracks Wikipedia’s progress. Worth while taking a look for sure and perhaps even a feed subscription. Why not?

Thus, from here, congratulations to all (English) Wikipedians and let’s get busy going for that second millionth article ! Well done !

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  1. Hello Rose and welcome to elsua ! Thanks much for dropping by and for the comments ! Indeed, I think that was yesterday’s talk all over the place and surely with due credit for that huge achievement. I mean, when you come to think about it it is one million articles we are talking about here! That is just huge ! I doubt there would be other online resources with just as many articles as Wikipedia. Way to go !

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