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Research Survey on Weblogging about Work

Over at Aneel‘s weblog, one of my IBM colleagues, he has shared earlier on a weblog post where he is actually encouraging folks who are maintaining their weblogs about work to actually fill in a survey provided by Michelle Heng Hock Mei, of which you can read some more over at Take part in Survey on Employee Blogs and win US$50 Amazon.com gift cert, in order to help her out with her thesis.

The actual survey can be found at the following location: Survey on Employee Blogs and it will probably take you about five minutes to fill in and I must say that after having completed it I am actually looking forward to checking out the results since I think there would be some really good input on how webloggers treat their work and / or weblogs. Some of the questions posted were really key to how we, webloggers, handle knowledge shared in either type of weblog: work or personal weblog. So I am hoping that Michelle will be able to share the results of the survey whenever they are ready because I think we would also be able to learn a thing or two about what weblogging is all about. And all that coming from us, webloggers. Thus what else can you expect?

If you have got about five minutes to fill in the survey I would encourage you to do so as well. Then I am sure Michelle would share with us the results so that we may get to find out an interesting thing or two! So, go for it !

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  1. Here are some further comments from a recent reply Michelle posted elsewhere here in elsua and which I have decided to move over here as they would fit in much nicer. Here we go with it:

    “Hi Luis!

    Hope you had a great X’mas!

    Thanks for taking part in my survey. I’ve closed my survey and am collecting answers for the qualitative part of my study. Would appreciate it if you could answer these questions and if possible, provide links to entries in your blog for each answer.
    Have a great year ahead! :

    1.Have you ever had to defend your opinions when others disagreed with what you said on your blog? Any cases when you ‘respectfully disagreed’ with another blogger? (Preferably work-related issues.)

    2.How has blogging helped you professionally? And do you learn any useful work-related lessons/
    solutions from stories/anecdotes (i.e. through using the narrative-friendly aspect of blogs to share knowledge) as on the blogs of your colleagues’/other professionals’ outside your own company?

    3. Do you get good work-related advice from other professionals in your field/other bloggers? Anyone ever told you that they found useful work-related advice on your blog?

    3a) Your external blog has high visibility and good reputation to share thoughts on KM/KS. Could you tell me how it started and some examples of how others found it useful?

    4.Which of the following do you use most often? How do they help (if at all) in finding information (just one e.g will do, tks!)
    – Comment boxes
    – Permalinks
    – Trackback
    – RSS

    Any other blogging applications you use to manage content on your blog?”

    Since there are far too many questions in order to answer them in a single comment appended over here I will just go ahead and create a new weblog post and share the comments over there plus some further input. Thanks very much, Michelle, for dropping by and for the valuable feedback input. Let me know if you would need further comments !

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