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WikiMatrix Wiki Feature Comparison – Compare them all !

I am actually quite surprised that not so many people have been weblogging about this particular topic already. We do have some exceptions though with folks such as Nancy White, over at WikiMatrix / Wiki Feature Comparison, or Harry Fuecks with Wiki Comparison or even Phil Windley on Finding the right wiki software. Nevertheless, I was hoping to read some more than what I eventually found out. And main reason for that is the fact that everyone seems to be talking about Wikis but yet not many people have found this online resource interesting enough to talk about when they should have actually done it all along.

Yes, folks, I am talking about WikiMatrix. A relatively new online resource that would allow you to compare different Wiki engines to see which one would be the easiest yet more powerful to use. So eventually you would just need to go into the web site itself, select the number of Wikis you would like to compare and click on the Compare button. After you have done that it will start providing you with a table with all of the different Wikis you wanted to match against a number of different key features / options. Click here for an example eventually, where you will be able to see the 21 Wikis compared with one another.

In principle, the great power from that particular web site is that it would allow you to display in a single click all of the different features you may have been wondering about all along; and in this case instead of just having to go with the trial and error and see if you would be able to use whatever the Wiki engine, now you have got the opportunity to compare them all and from that make a much better, and educated, selection as to which one is going to become your Wiki of choice that you will continue to use from there onwards. Then if that Wiki meets both of your needs and your requirements I would think you would be ready to start setting one up for rather your team or your community.

And since everybody seems to know how much I am in favour of Wikis as probably one of the most powerful collaborative tools for remote teams / communities out there in order to continue providing the best scenario for offline knowledge sharing I think I know now where I should be pointing folks to whenever they would need this info. Pretty handy, for sure, and very easy to get the information you need. So Kudos to the WikiMatrix developers as it is offerings like this one that would hopefully help increase communication within a group using that new way of collaborative tools, i.e. Wikis. Worth while a bookmark in del.icio.us, don’t you think ?

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