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New Look and Feel

As I have mentioned a couple of days back, where I stated there were going to be some changes on the way, I am happy to announce that those changes have now been completed and elsua has eventually got a new look and feel ! I got some great feedback from you folks indicating how it was becoming increasingly more difficult to load and navigate through the web site as the background would get in the way and would not allow for faster rendering of the content. So that is why I have switched from the previous WordPress theme Spirit to Journalized Sand by Mike Little.

I am now done with the customisation of the weblog itself as you will be able to see on either column (Thanks, Mike, for those tips !) and as far as I can see we are back in business. At least, I do not plan any other major change over the next few weeks. So far the feedback I have been receiving from you has been very positive and therefore will leave things as is. I may go ahead and revisit it in about 6 months time or so but as far as I can see things are back to normal.

I only have got to finish off with that validating of elsua and from there move on. But don’t worry, because I am planning to continue posting content as I may go through with that validation. Thanks much for your patience and your support while these changes have been taking place. Hopefully, they will all be for the better.

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