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Are You Validating ?

Over the weekend I have been doing some catch up with my RSS Newsfeeds and while going through Scobleizer’s (Who by the way, has now moved over to WordPress.com, in case you may not have noticed) I bumped into this weblog post: Tim Bray says corporate sites’ HTML is borked and although my weblog hasn’t got anything to do with corporate I decided to give it a try with the validation button I placed on the bottom of my weblog template and see what the results would be like.

Surprise, surprise ! I got a whopping 325 validation errors !!! Jeez ! That is just way too much, folks ! So I decided to look into the first view from the top of the list and to my astonishment I am finding out that most of those validation errors are due to weblog posts created with Qumana. Indeed, there are lots of HTML tag errors that are getting created while posting content with Qumana and I never thought there would be so many. As if we didn’t have enough with the 15 character limitation bug already mentioned elsewhere. Sigh

Oh, dear, this is going to be a painful process, folks, since I have started to update all those conflicting weblog posts to get rid of those validation errors. So far I am now down to 308 and I am hoping that over the next few days I will be done with most of them. Either way, I have already contacted the Qumana support team asking them for some advice as to when they would expect to have this serious problem for pro-webloggers addressed and fixed and until I get some further confirmation details that these issues have been fixed I am no longer going to use Qumana (No need to redo weblog posts any longer, at least, for the time being). So I am back to w.bloggar, my default weblogging tool for my Intranet weblog and now also for the external one. Let’s see for how long…

Will keep you posted, folks, about how far we go with this, but how about you ? Are you validating yet ?

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  1. Sorry we couldn’t fix up fast enough for you. We hope to gain you back when we release a new version of Qumana – which is coming – that validates. Completely. 🙂

  2. “We hope to gain you back when we release a new version of Qumana – which is coming – that validates. Completely”

    Hi Arieanna ! That would be just fantastic and certainly something I would be looking forward to it. In fact, I miss not using Qumana for my Internet weblogging but I have decided that till it doesn’t validate I will not move back. Too much work, having to reedit entries to make sure they all validate. I have now gone through a bit over 100 different updates to keep the validation errors down and still have got some more to go. And I necessarily do not want to have to do that again. At least, not with so many.

    So I am really glad to hear you folks are working already on an upcoming version of Qumana that will validate completely as at that very moment I will be the first one to jump in 🙂

    Keep us posted and thanks! again for all the feedback and for the support !

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