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The Good Earth – Our Beautiful and Bizarre World as Seen from Space

During the course of the week I have received it from a couple of friends about three or four times already. I lost the count. But every single time I still get hooked and have to watch it through again and again. Quite stunning ! Yes, folks, I am talking about this Flash animation called The Good Earth, a multimedia view from our planet Earth as seen from satellites, the space shuttle and the International Space Station. I must admit that most of the pictures are quite beautiful and breathtaking, from a place that we should be all cherishing and nurturing much more than what we actually do. Hopefully, upcoming events like Habitat Jam may help promoting that preservation of what we have got over here before it is too late.

But in the mean time if you would want to go for some impressive Flash animation with some of the most impressive pictures from some wonderful places on Earth I would suggest you spend a few minutes relaxing, sitting back and watching The Good Earth. You may like it so much that in the end you may also go for Deep Space.

Enjoy it !

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