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Monte Leon and Ayagaures Dam

Last week I shared a number of different pictures from Little Venice and Monte Leon and I thought this week I would finish off with the series by sharing with you some of my final series of favourite pictures from Monte Leon and then introducing some other pictures from one of the most impressive dams of Gran Canaria: Presa de Ayagaures.

As you will be able to see some of those pictures are really spectacular specially if you come to think that not far from there, about 20 minute drive you would be laying on the beach enjoying the sunshine. I have shared these and a few more pictures over in my Flickr account if you would want to have a quick look, but just to give you an idea here you have got four of my favourites:

Monte Leon

Monte Leon

Presa de Ayagaures

Presa de Ayagaures

Oh, and if you are looking for a nice tool that would allow you to display Flickr pictures (Rather your own, your groups or the entire system itself) you may want to have a look at the neat Flickr Screensaver tool that would allow you to configure some basic settings and then get all those lovely pictures directly into your desktop. Worth while a look if you are looking for a refreshing way of keeping your screensaver(s) up to date with some of the most impressive pictures out there !

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