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Blog Software Smackdown : The Big 3 Reviewed

As weblogging becomes more and more popular by the day and as it starts grabbing some more focus and attention from the non-techie communities out there who see this relatively new medium as a new way of sharing knowledge and information with one another where content is published and commented on right away and without any further content editor approvals of any kind, one always starts to wonder what are the options out there to start publishing your content in a weblog with the least effort possible.

It is not the first time, nor the last, I am sure, that folks ask me for some advice as to what weblogging platform they could go for and venture themselves into giving it a try. Obviously, ease of use, reliability, scalability, maintenance and a few other capabilities are put together into a single thought when providing that advice and so far to me the winner weblogging service is WordPress as most of you can see from my weblog. Not only because of the fact that it is Open Source, but also because of its great support capabilities, its ease of use in the installation and maintenance but also for the good amount of customisation you can do to make the weblog match your needs and requirements.

However, I can imagine how this weblogging platform may not be everybody’s favourite so whenever somebody asks me about which option they could use I always refer them back to the table hosted under Blog Software Comparison Chart, where you can see an extensive comparison document of the most popular weblogging platforms at the moment, along with a comprehensive list of features that every weblogger should be aware of. Certainly, after going through that table you would be able to have a very good idea of where you are and where you may be going in the end.

But if that is not enough, and if you would want to have a look a bit more in detail to three of the most popular weblogging services potentially self-hosted at your own server, I would suggest you also have a look into Blog Software Smackdown : The Big 3 Reviewed as you will be able to get some really good input from Vinnie Garcia on Movable Type, WordPress and Textpattern. Then after you are done with all that reading I bet you would be in a much better position to make a good choice for your own weblog. And from there onwards time to get busy and get started with it ! Let’s go !

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(Update): Whoops! I forgot to include a very handy table from the same article that compares the main three weblogging services against a common set of features and all of that put together in a rating from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest score. This picture will give you a quick idea about which one of the three you may want to consider worth while looking into and adopting it at some point in time. So here it goes:

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