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IBM and Podcasting

Over at Jean-Francoisweblog, one of my IBM colleagues, you will be able to read one interesting post he has shared recently commenting on an article published in ZDNET News: Big Blue dives into podcast waters. Good read, indeed ! And like Jean-Francois just emphasises over there, IBM has recently embarked very strongly into one other technology that seems to have taken the Internet by storm for quite some time now: Podcasting.

Indeed, you have already noticed how I have been weblogging about the different podcasts that IBM has been sponsoring over at the IBM Investors web site. Well, now the difference is that for a couple of weeks IBMers have got the opportunity to create their own podcasts and share them with the rest of IBM employees on the Intranet. And as it is mentioned as well on the ZDNET news article:

“IBM also is providing its employees with software and information that will allow them to easily create their own podcasts.”

So as you can see we got it all working out and by the looks of it quite successfully. Now you may be wondering if I have actually dived in and created my own podcasting service. And the quick answer is “Yes, I have” although I am still deciding what the content would be about; the frequency of the podcasts and, most importantly, if I am going to be sharing them as well here in elsua or not. I think that for the time being I will just keep them internal, and see how it would go for a few months. Then at a later time I may eventually dive in and go external. But, like someone I know would say, one step at a time. No rush.

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