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As you probably have noticed already, yesterday I was not able to post any content in my weblog as I have mentioned I would do; weblog on a more or less regular basis, once or twice a day. And the main reason for that to happen was the fact that both my phone and ADSL lines went down yesterday morning, first thing in the morning, and they didn’t come up again till earlier on today in the afternoon. Yes, indeed, nearly two working days without any connection with the outside world !

So you can imagine how upset I felt about the whole thing, right ? Well, I certainly am very upset still but I will not keep you long with the details. I am sure that you would have your own experiences with your local Internet providers, thus I am just going to mention that customer service is no longer what it used to be, at least, not the one I got exposed to for about four years some time ago. Things have changed so much now that it looks like people just care about making the numbers at the end of the month and cash out without any questions asked. Forget about the customers, folks. There are far too many out there and why bother with them, right ?

In the mean time, here I am, trying to catch up now with two working days while my normal working week goes by. Who is going to pay me back that money? Who is going to pay me back that time now ? Who is going to call me back to apologise for a disruption for which I wasn’t told anything about for nearly 36 hours? Sigh. Yes, I know too many questions and hardly any answer. Either way, I am just too upset at the moment to continue writing about this, so you will have to excuse me for a little while till I am done with the catching up.

But don’t worry, folks, because I already have got a whole bunch of stuff to talk about and certainly tomorrow it will be another day. A day where I will be back online from the beginning of my day and therefore things would be different. Much different !

It is good to be back online, though. That is for sure.

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