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IBM Syndicated XML Feeds

Over the weekend I received an e-mail from someone who wanted to know if IBM had jumped into the Web Syndication bandwagon and started implementing RSS Newsfeeds in the different ibm.com external web sites. And after having replied to that e-mail I thought I would also share over here a couple of lines on the subject.

Yes, indeed, IBM has embraced Web Syndication for some time now and throughout the different ibm.com web sites you will find quite a few that are RSS enabled. Since I know it would be a bit too difficult to go through each of them to start subscribing to the ones that may interest you the most, I just thought you folks should be aware of this particular URL: IBM Syndicated XML Feeds, where you will find a comprehensive and extensive index of the different feeds currently available.

You will notice there that there are different categories, describing briefly each of the different feeds but also including the RSS feed so that if you are interested in adding them to your favourite feeds you would be able to do so right away. Thus go and have a look and see which ones you would think would be worth while subscribing to.

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