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Podcast : IBM and the Future of Banking

As I have already mentioned on the previous weblog post, I am sure as well that you already have seen it, and probably have listened to it as well, the latest IBM Podcast available from the IBM Investors web site . But just in case you may not have had a chance to take a look, there is, indeed, a new episode from the IBM and The Future of … Podcasting series. And this time around the subject of the Podcast is IBM and The Future of Banking. I was actually very curious to listen to it, more than anything else to find out if it would change my opinion about banks in general, so I did it. I listened to it. And, no, it didn’t change my opinion.

To start with, I am surprised to find out how many people do not feel comfortable, nor like, interacting with banks. Who does, right ? Apparently lots of people seem to have a reluctance to engage with them and according to the podcast this seems to be due to the fact that in general people feel banks’ customer service could improve a great deal. That is probably why at this point in time most of people’s banking experience has been through the Internet or whatever other IT device / gadget and will continue to do so, I would think. Having to wait on endless queues for hours and hours for some relatively simple paperwork can certainly put people off. So everyone is wondering when would they enter the 21st century.

With all that said, though, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. During the podcast it was mentioned that one of the key success factors from banks that they would continue to work on is that one of data driven personalisation, which will help change the customer interaction with their banks and eventually increase their customer satisfaction levels. Indeed, I certainly agree with that and I do seriously hope that banks do start getting the message that sometimes the customer comes first before even their own needs.

Either way, I certainly enjoy the podcast, once again, you can certainly see that these folks are natural at these things and every time it gets better and better. So if you haven’t listened to it I would suggest you spend a few minutes listening to it and see if it would change your opinion about your banking experience. It didn’t change mine but it may certainly change yours. Who knows.

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