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16 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Ok, folks, and now that you have read my previous weblog post on “How to Drive Weblog Traffic” I guess there wasn’t any escape to this other weblog entry I have just bumped into: “16 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog” where, indeed, you will find there listed 16 other different ways to promote your weblog with some really good tips, apart from the fact that you can also read through the link from Robin Good on RSSTop55 – Best Blog Directory and RSS Submission Sites.

While I was going through that particular weblog post about the “16 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog” I actually found out that I have been doing things that I didn’t think they would increase the weblog read count but that they eventually may help out a bit in the end. For instance, take the example from Bloglet. I know that I am not using this offering, but I am using though FeedBlitz, which seems to be a bit more powerful and user friendly and still do the same thing as Bloglet. At least, it took me no time to set it up and get things going.

Other good tips that I have been executing in order to help increase my weblog readership are engaging in the weblog conversations through comments; use Ping-o-Matic! to ping weblog directories; add my weblog address in my e-mail signature file, whatever that may be (I have been doing this for years with all of my weblogs actually); post often to keep attracting more subscribers to come back; use trackbacks to quote and refer to other people’s weblog posts; making a commitment to weblog every day (At least, 10 minutes a day, something that I have been doing all along and with very good results taking advantage while harnessing my interstitial time for some time and which I am hoping I will be able to continue like that); and use a hit counter to track my visitor stats, something that I am already doing using Miarroba.

In short, what I have just realised while reading through “16 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog” is that there are lots of different good tips out there to promote your weblog readership, but at the same time most of those tips are actually common sense, because without having expected too much from that weblog promotion I am finding out I have been following quite a few of those tips all along. But then again I keep on wondering if it will all be worth while the effort. What do you think ? Do you think that it would make any difference at all ?

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