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How to Drive Weblog Traffic

As you may have been able to see from my last weblog post (Weblog Content Migration Is Now Finished), I am now back in full shape after having migrated all content. So it was time to take things into the next level; which is start spreading around the message to the whole world that I have got a new weblog and that it is up and running with all the content I wanted to keep. That is why I started looking for information on increasing weblog traffic, something which I am sure everybody who has been running a weblog for some time would be very interested in. In most cases most of the information that has been shared has got to do with promoting your own external weblog, which is what I wanted to do, so that is when I bumped into the superb reference from Robin Good‘s article: RSSTop55 – Best Blog Directory And RSS Submission. What a fantastic resource ! That link alone, folks, would keep you busy for a few hours in order to keep promoting your external weblog !

In fact, that is what I have been doing this weekend. I have gone through each and everyone of the different entries to try to promote my weblog in most of them and although some of the services were not active, and Robin has been kind enough to let us know, I have been able to register my weblog with almost every other service. Now we would need to wait for a couple of weeks, in some instances a little bit longer, to see if it had any effect.

However, I wanted to add something more into the conversations taking place over at Robin’s weblog post . There have been a couple of other links that I have found particularly interesting when promoting your weblog. Most of the tips included in them could also be applied to any Internet weblog so I thought I would share them over here for anybody who may be interested in them, just in case. I have weblogged about those links in the past. They are available here in elsua , my external weblog, now that I have finally finished with the migration from all contents. So without any further delay if you would want to read some more about how you could promote your weblog check out the following links:

  • How Do I Get More Traffic to My Weblog
  • Special: Lifehacker’s Guide to Weblog Comments

    And after having gone through each of those posts I guess it is now time to start seriously promoting my external weblog, right? So let’s get busy !

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