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The Payoffs of Listening to Your End-Users

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

You probably have read already how about a few weeks ago I created a weblog post introducing one of my favourite weblogging tools, next to w.bloggar: Qumana. I am sure that if you have read that weblog post you also read about the comparison I made between Qumana and w.bloggar. Back when I created that weblog post I mentioned that there would be a couple of items for which w.bloggar would still be my default weblogging tool, as opposed to Qumana:

  • Keyboard shortcuts much more abundant in w.bloggar than Qumana, including the one for hyperlinks.
  • Access to previous weblog posts for further editing, if needed.

    I am sure you have seen this already, if you have been using Qumana for some time now. There is a new version that can be downloaded here and which addresses two of the major items I had for not using it much more extensively. The latest version provides the possibility of retrieving previous weblog posts and as many as you would want (There doesn’t seem to be a limit in the number of posts) and there is also some substantial improvements as far as keyboard shortcuts are concerned, amongst the ones I was asking for the most the one for hyperlinks (Ctrl + Shift + L) is now there. Thus there you go. Qumana now fits my needs to use it extensively and I will be using it more and more from now on.

    However, it is not going to happen with Blogsome, at least, not yet, since there is a known issue that has been going on for weeks and which prevent us from using any third party weblogging tool without missing all the hyperlinks information. So that is why I have subscribed myself to WordPress.com, hoping that one of these days and, hopefully, not too long into the distant future, I may be able to set up a new weblog on that particular server that would not have this issue so that I can continue using Qumana / w.bloggar and if it all works out I will eventually migrate all of the contents over there and move away from Blogsome since more and more I am finding it a bit frustrating that I cannot post content to my weblog the way I want to and not the way I have been forced to so far. And since there doesn’t seem to be any feedback so far on the subject I guess it is now time to move on.

    We shall see how that goes. See which one comes first. For the time being I just wanted to congratulate the Qumana Team for their outstanding work in the continuous process of improving this weblogging software and I do look forward to further developments ! Kudos to Qumana ! Way to go !

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