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IBM Delivers Notes And Domino 7

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

A few months ago it was announced as Hannover, the next generation of Lotus Notes 7 as Ed mentions in his weblog. And a few months later, and while we wait for that final release, I am proud to present you IBM Lotus Notes / Domino 7. Yes, after a few months trying out and testing Notes 7 and its many new features, it is now available in its final version and if you have been using Lotus Notes for a little while this is one of those releases that you just cannot ignore. Both colleagues of mine, Ed and Alan, have been sharing already a number of weblog posts related to different press releases and overall you can see that the response has been very positive.

And to be honest I couldn’t expect anything less. I tell you, you will have to try it out to make your own opinion, but some of the features that Lotus Notes 7 brings together are state of the art, as far as groupware tools are concerned. It will make a very extensive weblog post if I just mention some of my favourite features so what I will just do is to refer you to Alan’s weblog where he is just going to continue sharing some of the coolest Hints and Tips that Lotus Notes 7 has got to offer.

As a starter, and just to give you a flavour of what is to come, check out this weblog post from a few days ago: New Window Tab Options in Notes 7, where you can read some more about two of my favourite features: Close All Windows Tabs and Save Window State. Does it ring a bell what other application does the same thing beautifully? Yes, I knew you would know about it.

As I said already, there will be plenty more that I will be commenting as time goes by. There is just so much to talk about this new release that we will just have to go one step at a time. For the time being, and just to give you some more material to read, here is another press release, which is the one that gives the title to this weblog post: IBM Delivers Notes And Domino 7.

(Update): First paragraph has been updated based on the feedback from ktn ! Thanks a lot, ktn, for the headsup and for the confirmation details. I didn’t think it would be that confusing for folks but after rereading the article I think you are right. So I have made some updates hoping that it will be much clearer now. Let me know if you feel it is still confusing.

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