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How Do I Get More Traffic to My Weblog?

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Some time ago I weblogged about one item that I still think is crucial for most webloggers out there in the Blogosphere: that is, increasing, or not, your weblog readership to some comfortable levels. And although I have never intended this weblog to pick up on the total number of readers, since that is something that will come by itself at some point (I am not in a hurry), I still found this particular weblog post by Dave Taylor spot on: How Do I Get More Traffic to My Weblog?.

Indeed, having a successful weblog is not just about hosting your weblog at some free weblogging service or even at your own server. It is not about having some of the most interesting content in it or rather a fancy format. Having a successful weblog is just getting involved out in the Blogosphere, like Dave mentions. But one thing that I think is also key about this interaction with other webloggers is to try to put a certain pace in place that is comfortable for the weblogger. I cannot see much of a point to attract other webloggers to your weblog if you keep posting comments at their weblogs and you cannot find time for your own weblog to post some content.

Participating of the weblogging phenomenon is a street that goes both ways and as such there should always be a balance between the number of posts you share in other weblogs as well as posting new content at your weblog. I know that it is going to be difficult to reach that balance, but one thing for sure that people can go for is to start small. Share a comment here and there and engage in those conversations from the weblogs you follow on a daily basis and at the same time create a weblog post or two a day or a week to continue building up in your weblog. Over time you will be able to say that you are engaging with the part of the Blogosphere that you are interested in but at the same time you will still have got your own content that you can refer to to make that experience ever so much richer.

Still Dave Taylor’s weblog post should be considered a very good start and guidance for folks who are getting started with their weblog and who would want to get engaged with other weblogs in order to establish and nurture some very good relationships. Worth while a read, to say the least.

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