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Are You Ready for a Better Internet Experience?

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Today is one of those days that for most of us, Internet end-users, things would never be the same again. The number one complaint that people had about not using Opera more extensively is now over, folks. Yes, indeed, it is over ! Opera just released v 8.5 and it comes free. Free from the perspective where it is not longer required to pay a fee to get rid of the banner with all those ads. Yes, indeed, that is exactly what I thought: fantastic !, to say the least. Exciting times are ahead of us now. Most people who know me know that I have been an Opera fan for a number of years now and I just find this new release incredibly exciting as our Web experience will never be the same any longer. Times have changed.

Don’t worry, I am not going to mention how good Opera is compared to other web browsers as you have already seen that from previous posts here in my weblog. What I am going to share though is a couple of links for those folks who may not be familiar with Opera yet. Check first Ready for a better Internet experience? (The link that gives the title to this weblog post) where you can have a step-by-step tour to the one browser that will rock the Internet world. Then you may want to check out and read why Opera has become free and, finally, if you want to read the official press release just go over here.

Oh, and for those folks who may still have got some doubts about making the switch over to Opera, check out this other web link where you will find a very good overview of the many superb features you will be able to enjoy from now on and free of charge. Oh dear, can it get better than this ? Can it ? I doubt it. Things are about to get ever so much more interesting and I, for sure, will be there to watch it.

So, what are you waiting for ? What is your excuse now for not using Opera and enjoying your Web surfing experience so much more than ever before ? Go and grab your copy now ! You will only then realise what you have missed out so far.

(Press Release Updates): For those folks interested in the kind of impact this new initiative from Opera has had in the media and different weblogs, and I know that most of you would have probably read all about it all over the place by now, here you have got some interesting discussions and articles:

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