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And Off We Go with Another Rumour – Is It not That Fun or What ? The Fun Is Now Over

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

This is huge !. To say the least. Last week I weblogged about the latest rumour out on the Internet where eBay was having talks with Skype to talk about a potential acquisition. And while back then everybody knew that there was something going on behind the scenes there were no written records about how successful that acquisition would go. Well, look no further, because that written record is now history. It is all over the Internet and we have just seen the very beginning of one of those acquisitions that will surely change the way we experience the Internet. eBay has bought Skype.

And as I said above it is all over the web already. Checking Technorati there are several weblog posts already on the subject but looking further into details of the acquisition will just shoot higher up that list of weblog entries to over the one thousand posts. Yes, absolutely everyone is talking about it and there doesn’t seem to be a stop to it.

Needless to say that I have been a big fan of Skype for quite some time now and I have always been a happy customer. But what would be the potential implications for us, regular end-users, regarding this eBay acquisition? I am not too sure just yet, too many questions coming up and very few answers. One thing for sure is that things are bound to change and whether that would be a good or a bad thing that is something that we will discover soon, but right now it may be a bit too early. Either way, just before reading the news I upgraded my Skype client and it is happily sitting out there waiting for my colleagues and friends to come online and have a chat about the acquisition itself.

For the rest there is not much more than we can say that waiting for further developments. One thing for sure is that I will be watching out through Technorati and some other major search engines. How about you ? Will you be able to ignore it all ? I doubt it, but then again who is interested in yet again another macro-acquisition, right ?

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