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5 Minute Yoga Stretches for the Office

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

A couple of months back I created a weblog post related to something which, even today, I still consider a key item that we need to keep in our minds specially when we may be working on a computer for an extensive amount of hours per day: How To Sit at a Computer. That is right, how to sit correctly at a computer was a post I created to share some tricks and techniques on what folks could do to try to avoid RSI, one of those issues that we all face at some point or another.

And if back then, I shared a couple of interesting web links on the subject I would like to point you today towards another web link that I have found myself very useful from the perspective that it has allowed me to take much more control about the time I am spending in front of the computer by doing a number of Yoga stretches that help me ease out whatever signals there may be related to RSI. The web link itself is called 5 Minute Yoga Stretches for the Office and you can find it here.

It provides you with a unique opportunity to execute a number of very useful Yoga stretches without you having to leave the computer, so that you do not have that sensation that you are wasting your time doing something else. There are a number of twists, bends, some more information about eyestrain and wrist and arm tension. And although at the very beginning it may seem to be a little complicated as you actually get along to practice those stretches you eventually feel quite comfortable and after no time you end up doing them just as if they were part of your daily work routine. Very very helpful indeed. And remember that in cases like RSI the main person who should take the first steps to prevent further issues with it is yourselves, so the sooner you get down to business with those stretches the sooner your body would be grateful for it. So next time you start feeling the itch get ready to do some stretches.

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