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Widget Gallery – Can It Get Better Than This?

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A couple of days ago I weblogged about the recent acquisition of Konfabulator by Yahoo! and right then I mentioned that I would be using it again since the only one issue I had with it was no longer there. The fact that it is now Freeware since the acquisition.

Well, I have been playing around with it for a couple of days now and I just loved it ! Its ease of use is almost unbeatable. Very easy to install and to work with, specially for newbies where there is this option as well where it would put together in your desktop some of the most popular widgets already so that you can see what they look like. And through a very intuitive set of instructions before you know it you are up and running with quite a few of them.

But you may be wondering where actually you could get more widgets to customise your desktop to your own liking, right? And the answer is the Konfabulator web site, of course, from where you can enter the Widget Gallery. If you go into the gallery itself you will notice that right now there are 646 widgets available. Yes, 646 ! And counting… So that will certainly get you going for a few days.

Yesterday evening I finished going through all of them and installed the ones I decided to go ahead and try out for some time. See how it goes And so far the ones which have made it are the ones showing in the attached screen shot:

So there you go. 16 widgets loaded at the moment. I know it may look like I do not have too many installed but then again I decided to start small and grow further. So I suspect that over the next few weeks I will be adding some more and enjoying the Konfabulator experience even more than what I am currently doing. So stay tuned for some future updates where I will be mentioning which new widgets I have installed and most importantly I will also be watching for all those other ones that may come out from now onwards and let you know which ones I think are worth while installing. In the mean time let me ask you, which one is your favourite widget of all time ? And why? Is there any other widget from the Gallery that you think would be worth while for me to explore further ?

I guess it is now time to enjoy a new desktop experience using some state of the art piece of software like Konfabulator with some incredible neat features that can certainly keep you glued to your desktop for hours to come ! So if you haven’t installed it yet, what are you waiting for ?

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