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Konfabulator Goes Yahoo!

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

By now I am sure that most of you have been reading on the different news web sites and weblogs posts that Yahoo! has bought Konfabulator. This is one of those acquisitions that although it may have been coming across as a shock, we, regular end-users, would be the ones benefiting the most from such acquisition, more than anything else because something similar happened not so long ago with Google, when they bought Picasa, and ever since then we have all seen all the benefits of using such application, just because we no longer needed to pay for the software to enjoy most of its features. And the same looks like it is happening with Konfabulator. In the past, I have been testing out this application a number of times and liking it very much as time went by, with the only draw back that I was never really sure if it would be worth while paying 20$ for it. So I never did, thus I never got to enjoy its full potential.

But now that Yahoo! has bought Konfabulator it is of no surprise to anybody that we would be able to enjoy all the superb features and widgets that this application has got to offer as it will be offered as a Freeware download. And considering that it has got an API to continue playing with it I would think that the possibilities are endless ! I can certainly see the reasons why Yahoo! decided to buy it as it will make the competition between Yahoo! and Google ever so much more intense and exciting. And, like I said, we, end-users, would be the ones who would benefiting from such tough competition.

Google has been scoring too many points with some great applications, including Google Maps, Google Earth and so forth. And while Yahoo! has been keeping a low profile acquiring a number of other small startup, players, certainly with Konfabulator, there will be plenty of stuff to talk about in the next few weeks / months.

So if you haven’t seen Konfabulator in action and you want to try one of the coolest applications out there for your Windows or Mac desktop go and download it from here. I am 100% positive that you will enjoy the experience, like I have done so far, and free of charge, which is always something good. I just hope that one of these days it will be able to read RSS Newsfeeds like Steve Rubel is suggesting at his weblog. I bet it will not be too long before we see it happening. What do you think ?

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