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Absolutely Del.icio.us – Complete Tool Collection

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Anybody who has been showing a growing interest in social software, like groupware, social bookmarking or social networking tools, for instance, would probably already know by now about one of the most popular social bookmarking tools out there: del.icio.us.

Del.icio.us is one of those services that allows you to store your favourite bookmarks on the web so, regardless where you are or what computer you are using, you always have got quick access to your favourite links. And even more when you can also search and look for other people’s bookmarks. This social bookmarking tool has been around for quite some time and although my bookmarks are only starting to grow as we speak I still love the service for what it does: storing and sharing with others your favourite links.

What you may not know is that there seems to be out there a huge collection of Del.icio.us hacks that you could use to improve your own Del.icio.us experience. And over at Quick Online Tips they seem to have been doing an incredible piece of work. And if you do not believe me check out Absolutely Del.icio.us – Complete Tool Collection where you can find one of the most extensive listing of Del.icio.us hacks that you can find out there on the Web.

I am sure that there will be something in that weblog post for everyone. It would just be a matter of time and a little effort to just go through it and see which ones you would want to make use of. I am already in the process of choosing my favourites and although I am already using some of them that I have found elsewhere it is great to see what other interesting things you can get done with your own bookmarks. So go and have a look and see which one would be your favourite hack. I am sure there would be more than one but since we have got to start somewhere we might as well get going right away and dig in further. This promises to be some really good fun !

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