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Wavigo Goes Podcasting

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If in the last couple of days I have been mentioning how a number of different applications have been having significant updates / upgrades, it looks like it is not going to stop there any time soon. The next one in the queue seems to be Wavigo. Just recently I received an Newsletter e-mail from the Wavigo Team where they just announced a recent upgrade from Wavigo to version v0.9.0.7b.

And you may be wondering what is new in the new release, right ? Well, there are a number of things that I will be detailing in the next couple of minutes but first let me state what will make the upgrade just worth while on its own: Podcasting. Indeed, Wavigo now offers Podcast support, which means you can subscribe to your favourite podcasting services and get the content to play directly into Wavigo through the Media Player, so you will not longer need to play around with different options from different tools, specially, if you are not using a portable .mp3 player.

With Wavigo you just have got the chance now to make your experience a whole lot more multimedia than ever before listening to the podcasts you are really interested in with just a single click. It cannot be easier than that, can it ? I have just upgraded myself to Wavigo‘s latest version and after configuring the list of podcast feeds it seems to be working really well. Very easy to get it going and with the same quality as you would expect from such a service. Really nice !

But what other improvements are part of the latest release, you may be wondering. Quite a few, actually, and some of them rather interesting as well. Here you have got a list of the ones that were mentioned on the Newsletter e-mail:

  • Wavigo introduces support for Podcasts – oh yeah – so now you can search, subscribe to podcasts, have them automatically loaded and played in Wavigo.
  • New fix for those who have the “contacts always appear offline?” problem – we have now tested this across many countries and configurations.
  • Updated support in News, Sports and Stock information feeds.
  • New file sharing features – share while you’re listening to music in Wavigo.
  • New popups that notify you of incoming calls, IM’s, file transfers, users requests and more.
  • and a whole lot of other stuff…..”
  • So, as you can see, there are plenty of other interesting features to have a look at. One of my other favourites from the latest upgrade though is the ease of use from the new file sharing features. You would be amazed about easy it can be to share files with others while you are interacting with them. Pretty much the same way as you have with Skype. So another good reason to check out Wavigo. If you haven’t upgraded yet to the latest version I am not sure what you are waiting for. Go and grab it while it is there and start enjoying its many new capabilities ! … I wonder now what would be next. What other technology would they be putting together into an already packed, featured rich, IM client? I guess we will soon find out but for the time being let\’s go and enjoy the current release 😉

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