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Video4Skype Now Video4IM

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

If you remember, not long ago I talked here in elsua about how Skype was entering the world of videoconferencing with the availability of two different plugins: Video4Skype and vSkype that folks could install directly into their computers and start using them right away with Skype.

Well, it looks like Video4Skype has been renamed as Video4IM and it is now available for download as Video4IM at the same location as before. I must say that I have downloaded it and installed it and I didn’t notice a single glitch in the quality of the image that I normally was getting when it used to be Video4Skype. So I am suspecting that the change of name is due to the fact that very shortly we may have other VoIP clients that could be using those videoconferencing capabilities already via Video4IM, specially when they are asking Video4IM users to provide some further feedback about other potential platforms that could be used.

So this looks like another space we would need to watch out over the next few weeks as we may have have some new developments for other VoIP clients very soon. If anybody out there who is reading this could confirm it with some more facts I would really appreciate it. I would love to see this particular plugin integrated with other VoIP clients that out there, specially with Gizmo, since it is Open Source, as it would be a nice add-on for an already robust alternative to Skype.

Oh, by the way, just in case you haven’t noticed it, if you haven’t checked out vSkype just recently, you may as well want to go ahead and do it because, lately, they have been releasing some new upgrades that make this other plugin for videoconferencing with Skype ever so much more worth it than ever before. Highly recommended, to say the least !

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