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The Biggest I Have Ever Seen So Far

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

I have just had one of the best weekends in a long while, more than anything else because, apart from hanging out with some really good friends of mine, I have witnessed, for the second year running, one of those activities that just make you drool all over the place for quite some time. Indeed, the town where I live was having some celebrations as part of some local festivities and this year, like in previous years, the event to close such a fantastic week was to invite everyone to a wonderful paella. Everybody from the village and outside of the village was invited to participate from this amazing culinary event.

The paella was meant to be for about 7,000 people. Indeed, 7,000 people !!! And although I didn’t get a chance to measure how long the diameter must have been I would think that the paella may have been close to about 15 meters wide. WOW! That is a huge paella, isn’t it? Well, just to show what it was like this week I am sharing in my Flickr account some of the pictures I took. Needless to say that the whole event was just magnificent ! The paella was good, the atmosphere was just out of this world and everybody had enough to eat for quite some time. So next year, of course, I am going back for some more. Opportunities like this to enjoy such a joyful event do not come across to you very often. So next year I am hoping I will be weblogging about this same event and will probably be sharing some pictures, too. But for the time being enjoy these I took while we were eating. Enjoy them !

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