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StudioLine Photo Basic Free – Getting Better All The Time

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Early on today a good friend of mine recommended to me that I should take a look into StudioLine – Photo Basic Free in order to see if it would help me process all the pictures I am taking throughout all this time with a whole lot less effort. So I went ahead and gave it a try and so far I must say that I love the experience. Not only is it Freeware but it also provides you with a whole bunch of features that any good shareware photo-handling software would offer to you plus so much more. I mean, the actual application is just 40 MB big and it provides an incredible ease of use experience when handling my pictures.

Previously, and throughout all this time I have been using Picasa from Google. Another great freeware application that allows you to handle very efficiently hundreds of pictures without a single glitch but what I like the most from Picasa is the I’m Feeling Lucky function. You have got to try it out to really see what a difference it makes when improving the quality of a picture. I can only highly recommend you give it a try if you want to see your pictures with so much more great quality without having to run expensive photo software. One of the best Freeware tools out there for sure.

And by the looks of it it seems that I have just got another new piece of software that would improve my experience handling pictures to show you in the best possible quality. I think I am going to continue using Picasa but this time in conjunction with StudioLine – Photo Basic Free, since both of them are great products and provide you with so much more. I am going to give both applications a spin at the same time and see how they go but for the time being just check out the latest set of pictures I have shared in my Flickr account and which are available from the LSR template as well down below.

Hope you like them. If any folks would like to share your experience with Picasa or StudioLine – Photo Basic Free feel free to drop me an e-mail or append a comment in this weblog entry. I am sure there are plenty of tricks that I am not aware of yet, but I am sure I will get to learn them as I get along. And, of course, I will weblog about them as I go further with both of them. So time to have some fun now !

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