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pbWiki – Your Own Protected Wiki on the Web

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Here is a neat idea: pbWiki. It is a rather simple Wiki interface (Without all the bells and whistles from Wikipedia, for instance) that allows you to create your own Wiki on the Internet like you could do with plenty of other Wikis but pbWiki adds a great new option: Access Control.

This basically means that we now have the chance to have all the best features from a standard Wiki plus the possibility of restricting access and create a protected environment were team members (whether they are work colleagues, friends or even family) can share content, whatever the content, without having to worry about unwanted readers / participants.

And one other great feature from this particular Wiki service is the fact that creating one would not take you more than about 1 minute. Yes, one minute and off you go ! Terrific ! So if you are looking for a Wiki protected environment to share information pbwiki is your option. And a very good one.

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