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Little Venice

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Yesterday I didn’t have much time to actually create a weblog entry on this topic but I thought it would be a good opportunity today to share some great pictures I took over the weekend. A good friend of mine and myself decided to go for a ride southwest of the island and visit what it is known as Little Venice: Puerto de Mogán. A charming and picturesque fishermen’s village where you can enjoy the peace and quiet of being in one of the most stunning villages of the island.

It is one of those places that when you visit it once you are always looking for an excuse to come back again. And we did. We spend there most of the afternoon and we were able to take some beautiful pictures which you can find already at my Flickr account. But to give you a little taste of what it is being in Little Venice (And I guess you will find out why it is known like that) here you have a couple of pictures. Enjoy them and if you are ever coming to Gran Canaria visiting Puerto de Mogán is a must-see activity. Highly recommended !

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