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“I Use Opera for Everything”

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As you may have seen / read already Opera’s CEO, Jon S. von Tetzchner, has just published the first round of Q&A that he has carried out with questions from other Opera users. And, like Opera Watch, Louis or Haavard, I am going to make some comments about the overall event. In general, I enjoyed reading throughout the different Q&A as it shows that people do care about what Opera is and where it will be heading in the near future and Jon’s answers have been all too interesting and, in some cases, thought provoking (more to come on that later on).

However, there was one particular question for which I really enjoyed reading the answer Jon provided:

Question from Holger, Germany: “Are you using Opera yourself, including the Mail and News client? Do you have a Opera pet peeve?”

Answer: “Yes Holger, I use Opera for everything, including browsing, mail, news (nntp), news feeds (RSS), chat, presentations (Opera Show), downloads, etc. I push the guys a lot on making sure Opera continues to work well on old computers. I have a 486 at home for testing to make sure that is the case…”

Indeed, the number one key factor to success in every product that is out there is walk the talk and I am glad to hear that Opera’s CEO is leading the pack in that respect. I am not sure what you would think about this folks, but having a CEO who is using his own product and tell you he gets his work done throughout the day without having any productivity impact by just using that product is probably one of the best selling points there is. Any time someone can tell me about a product that does this I will be more than happy to come onboard and start using it. Like I have done with many other applications.

But in this case the clear winner is Opera. Who needs Matt Drudge when Opera’s CEO is just telling you that he uses Opera to carry out his daily job. What more proof do you need to realise the Opera folks do believe in their own product? Like I said, if you want to make it out there you will need to walk the talk. The rest will come naturally by itself.

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