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GMail Hard Drive Beta – Turning GMail into a Portable Hard Drive for FREE

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Not long ago I mentioned here in elsua a web site that contained a whole lot of GMail tips in order to improve the overall GMail experience and by the looks of it there may be something else that people could have a look and make good use of: GMail Hard Drive.

Although the web site is currently down at the moment (Exceeded the bandwidth limit), hopefully, it will be up and running shortly, this is a tool that would be worth while following up on, since it promises to extend GMail‘s capabilities even more than ever before.

I am not sure how it may place itself against GMail Drive shell extension since both of them seem to work across platforms and may be offering similar functionality, but I am hoping that as soon as the system becomes more stable and they may increase server capacity it would be something that could certainly be used widely in order to continue spreading the power of GMail. I will surely be keeping an eye on it and may be weblogging about it again in the near future to try to compare it with GMail Drive shell extension. If anybody out there has been trying it out already and could also share some information details feel free to drop a comment here or send me an e-mail with your thoughts and I will include them here.

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