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Competition Is a Good Thing, Isn’t It?

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Who wouldn’t agree to that statement? Competition is a good thing, specially, for us, end-users, when we get confronted with a number of different tools and we get a chance to try them out in order to make our choice as to what we would consider the best option to go for. Originally, I know that many folks have already made this conscious decision by choosing to use cutting edge technologies like Skype, that would allow you to make use of IM, VoIP, File Transfers, Videoconferencing (Video4Skype and vSkype), etc. etc. I have made that choice myself and so far I have been more than delighted with what I have been offered. Skype is a superb VoIP application to keep in touch with other folks.

But while it continues to grow further it looks like it may have some competition ahead. And, again, although I am a big fan from Skype, it is always good to be on the look out for new applications that could improve our online experience. And this is the case of two other offerings that I have bumped into over the last couple of days.

One of them is called VoipBuster, a free VoIP client that would allow you to place calls on to fixed / land lines in quite a few countries without having to pay a single penny more. a good friend of mine recommended that I should give it a try out and I went ahead and downloaded the application. And I must say that I have tried it out with a couple of phone calls to Spain and one other to Canada with some incredible quality and with very good speeds. The best part is that all this is Freeware and without having to pay any money. And this is where the competition bit would take in place for Skype, since this would certainly get some market share away from SkypeOut. I mean, right now you would have to pay an amount of money for using SkypeOut, however, with VoipBuster you don’t. If you want to you can pay an amount of money, a symbolic amount of 1 Euro, yes ! one euro and you can use VoipBuster for as long as you want and without limitations. Incredibly amazing, eh? Well, I am not sure if this is going to continue with this new application while it is still in Beta, but this is one of those tools that I would be keeping an eye on to see how it develops.

The other tool that would bring in some competition as well for Skype would actually be Jajah. Another superb Freeware application that provides you a whole bunch of features including as well calling other fixed / land lines all over the place and free of charge, too. In fact, if you want to check it out further without not downloading the client just yet you might as well check out the following weblog post from Robing Good: Skype Killer Offers Free VoIP, SMS and Videoconferencing : JAJAH, from where you can see an extensive list of the features that jajah has.

Just in case you may not have enough time to go through Robin’s review here you have got the key unique features from Jajah:

  • Live text chat which can also go out to mobile phones.
  • Real-time text message translator.
  • Calls forwarding.
  • Conference calls
  • Five minutes of pre-paid calls
  • Search for Skype users
  • Ringtones and skins
  • JAJAH employs VAT (voice activated transmission) and AEC (acoustic echo cancellation)
  • All calls are secured
  • Voice mailbox

    So after going through that impressive set of features who wouldn’t want to check it out and give it a try. I did so already and downloaded the client but so far I haven’t had much time to give it a good test, which is something I would be doing over the next few days and then let you all know how it went.

    To sum up, we have seen how Skype took VoIP and other standard IM clients by storm and it looks like after it has settled down quite nicely we are going to see another revolution take place with applications like VoipBuster or jajah, which seem to target applications like Skype in order to get a good number of early adopters who I am sure would be advocating about each of those tools like I am somehow doing it over here. So go and give them a try and feel free to share your thoughts about them by commenting on this weblog entry or contacting me via e-mail, or why not? Through any of those different fantastic tools.

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