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Weblog Content Migration Is about to Get Started

That is right, folks. The weblog contents migration from LSR into elsua is just about to get started. If you remember correctly, last week I mentioned how I was looking into the possibilities of getting all of the contents from my old weblog into the new one and how I talked about the fact that it may be a bit more difficult than what I thought it would be. Well, that is actually not going to be the case.

Late last week I got contacted by the folks over at Blogsome and they have sent out to me a zipped file with the entire contents from LSR.. Yes, indeed, all of it ! (Thanks a lot for that, by the way !). Then right after that I decided to talk to the folks where I am hosting my weblog and shared with them the zipped file and they agree to have a look and see if they could grab all the content into elsua. And by the looks of it they have managed to do so because I just got an e-mail from one of the Admins telling me that they have managed to place all the different weblog posts as drafts so that I can review them and repost them or just delete them if I am not too keen on keeping them in the new weblog.

That was actually something I asked them to do, to be able to leave all the weblog posts in draft mode so that I can redit the ones I want to keep and go further with that. So, for the next few days you will have to bear with me while I go through those updates as they will be showing up once again from the previous weblog into the new one. It shouldn’t take too long since I am not planning to keep everything. Thus we shall see how that goes.

I will also include a reference indicating that is not an original post but part of the overall migrated content. Let’s get started then !

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