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How To Write A Successful Blog: Top Ten Tips

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As I mentioned earlier on in another weblog post I have been weblogging already for some time now and throughout all this time I have been fascinated by the weblogging phenomenon. I have always believed that it is actually one of the most powerful ways to democratising the Internet and share information with other people who may have similar interests. At the same time I have always said that everybody should have their own weblog, regardless of whatever flavour they would like to give it.

Thing is that despite the millions of weblogs out there already, there may be still folks out there who may not know how to get started with weblogging. And this is the time when weblog posts like Robin Good‘s How To Write A Successful Blog: Top Ten Tips would become really handy.

As the title of the weblog post indicates there you have got listed a Top 10 Tips on how you can get started with weblogging. The list is not meant to be the one and only list of tips. Just basically a list with some good suggestions for those new to weblogs. However, the interesting part is that the list of tips has been put together by somebody, Sharon Housley, who hasn’t got a weblog by choice but that has researched this phenomenon for some time now, amongst others.

And for those folks who may not have a chance to go through the entire post here you have, as an excerpt, those tips put together. I would say they would be quite self explanatory on their own but if you would want to read some more about it check out the original post. So here it goes:

  • Stay on topic.
  • Be informative.
  • Old news is not news.
  • Adhere to a schedule.
  • Clarity and simplicity.
  • Keyword-rich.
  • Quantity matters.
  • Frequency.
  • Spell checking and proof-reading.
  • RSS.
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