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Research on Internal Corporate Weblogging

One of my colleagues inside of IBM, Lindsay, has been busy the last few weeks conducting a research around the topic of Internal Corporate Weblogging, so that she can finish off her thesis for her master’s degree in Management Communications and in order to complete the study she just launched a web survey, hosted at the always fine service SurveyMonkey, where she is asking for input from other people whether they are having a weblog or not, and whether they are having an Intranet or an Internet weblog. In short, she needs input based on the topic of corporate weblogging and she has asked a whole bunch of us to actually spread the message around so that she can get as much input as possible.

Thus here you have got the e-mail she has just sent out to us a little while ago:

Hello and Happy Friday!  Before you head out to enjoy the weekend, I’d like to ask for your help.  As you may know, I am just about to complete my master’s degree in Management Communications with a thesis on the topic of corporate blogging as an internal communications tool.
To supplement the research I’ve read so far, I’m conducting my own survey.  I’ve included a link to my online survey below.  At your earliest convenience, please complete the survey (which includes a brief description of my thesis and the definition of blogging – just in case you are new to the topic).  I would also like to ask you to forward this survey to as many people as you can.
Please note, this survey is NOT restricted to only those whose employers offer internal blogging – so please share it with everyone you know – inside and outside of IBM.  The more I can learn about companies outside of our own, that are or are not blogging internally, the better!  Also – those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com.
Thank you, in advance, for your input and time — and have a great weekend!
Link to Survey: 

There you go. If you can spare 10 minutes of your time, it would be great if you could add some further input into the survey so that the more data there is the better and the much more accurate the study would be. I have been advised as well that the results would be available as well afterwards and as such it may be a good chance to show how important you think weblogging is, specially in the business world.

If you take the time to fill in the survey thanks a lot for that, and if you do not have the time to participate just forward it to all those folks who you think would be willing to participate. As I said, the more, the better.

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  1. Hello Aditya and welcome to elsua. I am really glad to see you have now registered successfully. Thanks a lot for the warm welcome and for dropping by ! Indeed, I surely plan to continue weblogging so not to worry I will be here for a little while longer, still. If you have a chance please do take the survey that one of my colleagues has launched to get some input on corporate weblogging. I am sure that you will be providing some interesting insights since you have been weblogging on a personal and also corporate level. You will have lots to talk about !

    By the way, your Nainital Experience was just awesome ! Keep up the good work yourself with those great weblog posts ! Welcome aboard and thanks, once again, for the feedback comments!

  2. You are welcome Luis.
    Thanks for the encouragement Luis.
    I have been regular this time around on my Blog . I have also started a Photolog , where my posts are only pictures with captions, just to be a little bit more expressionist 😉 .


  3. Excellent stuff, Aditya ! Your photoblog has now been added to my daily feeds ! They are really nice and I am glad to see you have managed to weblog now more on a regular basis! Keep it up ! I will surely continue reading as well ! And keep those pictures coming through as well ! Thanks !

  4. (Update) : Just a quick update, folks. I have just got a message from Lindsay saying that as of now she already has got 123 responses from the feedback survey on Internal Corporate Weblogging. That is some excellent piece of news! I am sure that some really good input would come out of the results overall, but if you haven’t had a chance yet to participate you can still do so since she is planning on closing the survey on the 23rd of October. Thus if you can spare 10 minutes of your busy schedule please do not hesitate to go ahead and fill in the survey. Appreciated all of your input and feedback comments.

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