Podcast – Word of the Year for 2005

4 thoughts on “Podcast – Word of the Year for 2005”

  1. Absolutely right – this is the time and this is the technology that will push the web out of its limitations as a visual media and into the participatory multi-media. Podcasting is where free SPEECH becomes real. The good news is that it simultaneously opens up the web to a group that’s had limited participation previously – the sight-impaired and the poorly literate. That later group will include the pre-literate. Voice attachments to email will become passe as podcasting and blogging evolve together. Is this the end of the broadcast world and the start of the blogcast world?

  2. “Is this the end of the broadcast world and the start of the blogcast world?”

    You are absolutely right, Andy. We are at the breaking point where sharing content and knowledge is no longer going to be restricted to text and hyperlinks. Now we enter a new era; a multimedia era where not only written text but also sound and video will become more and more popular and with the help of already well known portable media players it will become pervasive enough as well to make it all stick together in a much richer environment than ever before. Indeed, we are now at the beginning of a new blogcast world where end-users are always in control of the media and not vice versa.

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