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Smart Work for a Smarter Planet. I’m an IBMer, Too!

Gran Canaria - Driving on the CountrysideI am pretty sure that by now you may have heard / read plenty about the great things that are happening in Las Vegas at IBM‘s Impact 2009 event. Lots and lots of really interesting nuggets and knowledge snippets are coming through from various different places. However, there was one in particular that caught my attention earlier on today, when I bumped into it, since it reminded me very clearly of a recent blog post I put together under the title “Why I’m an IBMer“.

Yes, it is another interesting and enlightening video clip, in this case, spread around by my good friend, and fellow IBM colleague, Andy Piper‘s “Smart Work for a Smarter Planet. I’m an IBMer“, and which comes to reflect on the power of social networking and how it will shape our business relationships in the corporate world in the near future or right as we speak already for that matter!

The YouTube video lasts for nearly two minutes and it surely is a treat to go through. There are lots of very relevant tidbits on the topic of A Smarter Planet and how we, knowledge workers of the current knowledge economy we are engaging with, need to smarten up in order to get done more with less effort, i.e. keep improving our own productivity. In sort, work smarter, not necessarily harder… Does it ring a bell? (heh)

So I thought I would spend a few minutes today sharing that video clip with you folks over here. That way you can have a look on why I decided to chose the title of this blog post as what it is showing right now and why I’m still sold on the idea that social computing is going to change the business world as we know it by making it smaller, more human, more participative, less hierarchical, more authentic, more transparent and trustworthy. In short, the Enterprise of the Future!

Yes, indeed, I’m an IBMer, too!

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World Wide Web in Plain English

Gran Canaria - Degollada de las YeguasWhile still pondering a number of different things on how I am going to continue make use of various social software tools, specially outside of the firewall (Almost there, by the way, in case you are wondering…), here I am again sharing a blog post referencing another video link that I just couldn’t help but spread the message around some more. It’s just too good to ignore it, just like that.

I do realise though that it’s one of those video clips whose content most of your folks out there would know all about it already, but following the theme I started yesterday with transcending the Web, here we have got, once again, the brilliant folks behind Commoncraft (Lee & Sachi LeFever), back at it with a new video that’s starting to spread around like wildfire: World Wide Web in Plain English.

I am sure I am not the only one on this … but, for a good number of months, I have been all along recommending most of the series of … in Plain English videos to all of those folks who were keen on getting started with their own adoption of social software, but didn’t know how to get started. For a good number of months I have been consistently recommending people to check out each and everyone of those Commoncraft videos if they would want to get it in a matter of just that … minutes!

And now, it looks like both Lee and Sachi are back at it again in full force! But this time with a difference. A video clip of just over three minutes that shows everyone out there, who may not know just yet, what the World Wide Web is all about. Just another stunning piece of work! One that while I got through it a few minutes ago I just couldn’t help thinking that you can’t be too young, or too old enough, to get exposed to! Yes, that brilliant!

A video clip that I wish I had access to it about 12 years ago, when I was first starting to get exposed to the Internet coming from a strong background around the world of the IBM Mainframe (Remember those days?). Can you imagine the difference this video would have made in how I would have gotten started exploring the Web versus the initial skepticism we all experienced and went through? Can you imagine what it could do to all of those folks who own a computer nowadays, but perhaps are too afraid still to experience fully the Web?

That’s just exactly why I thought I would share a link to that video clip in this blog, so I would get an opportunity to help spread the message around on how we can all continue to transcend the Web and make it part of both our daily personal and business lives. In short, an integral part of us… I just wish the video would be available in other languages, so that I could show my mum where I get to hang out every day (with my friends and colleagues) and convince her how close we could well be, despite the long distance

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The Machine Is Us/ing Us – Transcending the Web

Gran Canaria - Degollada de las YeguasAs you may have noticed, over the last few days I haven’t been blogging much over here in this blog, mainly due to lots of things happening while at work (Some of which I am hoping to be able to share plenty more about over the next few days…, specially since it deals mostly with adoption of these new tools), but at the same time mostly because I have been taking a break from various social networking activities to reflect on how I would want to pursue further my own adoption of social software.

No, I am not going away any time soon, nor quitting any of the already existing social tools I have been using for a while. What I have been doing lately is giving it some further thought on how I would want to spend my time not only exploring social computing within the enterprise, but also how I could help spread the message around with its wider adoption. Once again, I sensed how I was starting to spread thinner than what I would have hoped for and therefore it was time to re-group again and think about how I would want to make continued used of these social tools.

I am sure over time I will be able to share with you folks my new approach towards some of the tools I have been using for a while; some of them rather surprising, and a couple of them rather thought-provoking (Like my continued use of Twitter, for instance), but for now I just wanted to let folks know that I am back to my usual regular blogging activities with plenty of really cool stuff to share with you all.

Starting with a YouTube video which, to me, represents something I have been mentioning as far back as 2002 with regards to what Web 2.0 is all about and what it means for us, not just as Internet end-users, but more as a modern, post-industrial society overall: it has never been (Nor will it be … ever) about the tools themselves, but it will continue to be all about us, as humans, most capable of transcending the Web and allowing us to change ourselves on not only who we are, but also what we do and live for in the current times…

Remember the wonderful video clip The Machine is Us/ing Us, that I blogged about a little while ago, that Michael Wesch put together and that changed our views on what the Web 2.0 movement was all about, well, check out The Machine is Us/ing Us – Dance Mix (And which Michael also referenced under the title “The Machine is Us/ing Us – Dance Mix“) where you can clearly see what I meant with Web 2.0 transcending the Web…

It is one of those YouTube videos that will surely give you goose bumps (It surely did to me and managed to bring me back to life as far as my blogging activities are concerned) and will remain a strong reminder for us all that Web 2.0 and social software, for that matter, are not just about the tools, quite the contrary, it’s all about us, our Internet culture, our ability to experience the Web in ways we never thought we could, mainly by reaching out and connecting with other people, to, in the end, help each and everyone of us make a difference!

What a performance!

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Life Goes on, I Guess – Leaving IBM …

Gran Canaria - Maspalomas DunesThere are times where you feel you would want to share with the whole world the really good news on something special you have just experienced; there are times where you are just so excited that you are not sure whether you would want to blog about it or not, but the increasing urge to share the news with everyone else is just that big you can’t hold it much longer anymore; there are times where that life changing experience you always wanted to go through at some point in time kicks in and you want to share glimpses of it with those folks who, through one way or another, have been exposed to it to a certain extent already, but now you would want to, finally, share the whole thing with them; there are times where there is a place to make an announcement to everyone out there, who may be listening, about some big big piece of news that you know will have a significant impact in yourself, and, hopefully in others, too, for some time to come!

Well, today is the day. Today is the day where I am officially announcing that as of the 31st of December 2008 I shall be leaving IBM, after having worked there for nearly 12 years! Yes, indeed, 12 years!! But I guess, like the title of this blog post states, life goes on and that certainly means it is time for me to move on!

Errr, WHAT?!?!?! … Shocking news, eh? I bet most folks out there who know me personally would probably say that they would have never seen that coming along, specially after having landed in my dream job a little bit over a year ago doing what I like the most… But like I said earlier on, I guess there is always a time to move on and perhaps mine may have just arrived as we speak.

Errr, WHAT?!?!?!? (Again). Are you serious? You really mean you are leaving IBM? Well, yes and no! Ok, now I am confused! Well, don’t be. Like I said, yes and no!

Yes, it is true! I will be leaving IBM as of the 31st of December, but that would be leaving IBM Netherlands, the company I have been working for for nearly 12 years, the last nine of them as a full time employee, having done lots of work around the world of Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Community Building and Social Computing! So that would be the yes! As far as the no! is concerned, as of the 1st of January 2009, I shall be joining IBM Spain as a full time employee working for the IBM Software group.

WOW! That’s big news! Ok, so what does that mean, then? You are not leaving IBM, right? Well, no, I am not. I am just moving countries, which in reality is something that I started progressing towards to for a couple of years already and it is just now the time when it has finally become a reality. From January 2009 I shall be an IBM Spanish employee! Yay!!!

Ok, ok, I am sure that by now most of you folks would be wondering what would be the difference, right? I mean, what will change is probably what you would be most interested in by now after reading all of this. I am sure. Well, to start with nothing much will change. At least, for most of you folks out there (Specially those not working for IBM) things will be almost the same. Like I said, I will now be part of the IBM Software group, but I will still be doing the same job I have been doing in the last year: helping accelerate the adoption rate of Social Software within IBM for the client facing teams, and, as a result of that, to the entire of IBM!

That basically means I will continue doing what I have been doing all along, i.e. sharing that passion on how social computing is changing the corporate world and the enterprise as we all know it. But, instead of having the flag from IBM Netherlands behind me, from next year onwards it will be IBM Spain’s. I will be falling into the Spanish organisation of the company, with a manager based in Madrid (That will be my default office location as well!) although I will still be working remotely with the Social Software Programs & Enablement team, a.k.a. BlueIQ.

Thus as you would be able to see, very little changes coming through externally, yet, from an IBM internal perspective, it would be a huge change for me (And for the better, too!), and those who may have been going through something similar could surely confirm those big changes. Starting with one’s own physical and virtual presence behind the corporate firewall, where almost everything changes. But I guess we will have to go through that one step at a time!

The important piece of news for those of you out there interested, is the fact that in a couple of weeks I will no longer be working for IBM Netherlands, but instead I will be moving into IBM Spain. A new path in my professional career has just started and all along I surely am planning on sharing plenty more details on what that transition has been. There will be bits and pieces I will be able to blog externally and some others where I will keep things behind the firewall.

Does that mean you are now finally going to give up on giving up on e-mail? Does that mean you will go back to e-mail once again as your primary method of communication and collaboration? Not likely! Quite the opposite! Going stronger than ever before, more than anything else to try to prove the point of how, even if you are new to a company, you would still be able to survive without making use of e-mail. At least, I am going to give it my very best try and see how things would go from there. After all, I will be moving forward by then into the 11th month in a row without using corporate e-mail and should be an interesting continuation of the experiment.

Things will change, I am sure. In fact, I am already planning on the next phase of what I have been doing all along, putting together a new presentation, a new pitch, an enhanced weekly progress report, getting down to an even lower number of e-mails per week and so forth. And I am just really excited to see how it would all turn around in the end. But we will have to wait and see for another couple of weeks, before things will kick in with the new job.

For now, it is time for me to continue wrapping up 12 wonderful years where tons and tons of life changing experiences have been happening and which I may venture into sharing a couple of them as highlights as I am moving closer to the final transfer date. This week would be my last working week before I head over for some more holidays till beginning of 2009, And although it is promising to be quite a hectic one, not to worry, this would not be the last time that I get to post a blog entry over here as an IBM Dutch employee… Oh, more than anything else, because there is one other massive surprise I would be sharing shortly. And that one would surely affect all of those folks reading http://www.elsua.net. Thus stay tuned for more to come …

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