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Looking at Personal Knowledge Management

While I was getting ready and prepared for the presentation I did on Personal Knowledge Management at the IBM TLE event last week I got to read some very interesting stuff on the subject of PKM and I thought I would just pick up some of those thoughts and place[…]

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More Tagging Articles – Enterprise Tagging

A few days ago Bill Ives was actually asking folks to chime into his weblog post on More Tagging Articles and share some additional articles or whatever resources that people may have found interesting and worth while mentioning around the world of tagging and, specially, enterprise tagging for an upcoming[…]

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Time to Revisit Meetro Again! – Top 5 Features I Enjoy

As I have mentioned earlier on, here you have got the second weblog post around the subject of Meetro, a relatively new beta in the Instant Messaging space and which I mentioned I would be weblogging about it to indicate what are my Top 5 favourite features from this client.[…]

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