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Enterprise Expertise Management Systems and Organizational Reality

Continuing further with the subject of expertise location in the enterprise I just wanted to point you folks to another follow up weblog post from Dennis McDonald, over at ALL KIND FOOD, around the same subject titled: Enterprise Expertise Management Systems and Organizational Reality. In the past you would remember[…]

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The Essence of Knowledge Management

I am not sure if you folks would be subscribed to the mailing list from the superb Knowledge Management community over at actKM but just in case you may not be I strongly suggest you sign up and join that community because for the last few months there have been[…]

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Knowledge Management Redux – Linking KM and Social Software

Earlier on today I read through another interesting, and thought provoking, weblog post over at Knowledge Jolt with Jack titled Link between KM and Social Software, which in return referenced another great, worth while reading, weblog post by Mike Gotta: Social Software: Knowledge Management Redux? In that particular weblog post[…]

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KM Insights – Capturing Knowledge

Yesterday Tom shared an interesting weblog post referencing another article from Jeff Oxenford on Capturing Knowledge. While Jeff has shared a follow-up weblog entry (Congrats on the success of your daughter and her friend, Jeff!), I thought I would just comment on a couple of lines that Tom mentioned and[…]

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Narrative Techniques for Leaders – October 7 2005 – UK

(Migrated weblog post from LSR) This is the first weblog post from a new category I created just a few minutes ago and which will try to capture something that I have always found very interesting at the same time that enlightening. And that is the attendance to different conference[…]

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