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Personal Knowledge Management Revisited

In the past I have been weblogging a few times already about one subject that I have always been very interested in: Personal Knowledge Management. Indeed, over the course of the years, and with the emergence of social software, I have been thinking more along the lines of how knowledge[…]

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Fringe Contacts – People-Tagging for the Enteprise

Last Friday you would remember how I created a weblog post around the Collaborative Web Tagging Workshop taking place this week in Edinburgh. Right then I mentioned that I would be sharing some of my thoughts on some of the different sessions that will be taking place and which I[…]

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The Name Game – Where Folksonomy Meets Taxonomy

A few days ago, Dennis McDonald pointed me to a weblog post where a recent CIO article on tagging was mentioned. The article itself is titled The Name Game and it comes to talk about tagging in general with some special mention of how IBM is handling it within the[…]

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More Tagging Articles – Enterprise Tagging

A few days ago Bill Ives was actually asking folks to chime into his weblog post on More Tagging Articles and share some additional articles or whatever resources that people may have found interesting and worth while mentioning around the world of tagging and, specially, enterprise tagging for an upcoming[…]

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Sociable – Bookmark That Weblog Post Now!

In the past you would remember how I have been creating a number of different weblog posts around the subject of social bookmarking indicating a good number of benefits in the Knowledge Management area about why people would want to make extensive use of such tools in order to be[…]

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