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Social Networking Goes Corporate

Earlier on today, and through my RSS newsfeeds, I bumped into an interesting piece of news taken out from BusinessWeek and which was also referenced by one of the weblogs I follow: El Blog de Enrique Dans. Enrique provides a good commentary on it (Article, and weblog, in Spanish) but[…]

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Social Networking Connects For Businesses

Through Centrality Journal‘s weblog post on InformationWeek Curious About Social Network Business Model by Lynda Radosevich I have bumped into Thomas Claburn‘s InformationWeek news article titled Social Networking Connects For Businesses where Thomas questions the business value of social networking companies since they are not having concrete business models to[…]

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Social Networking – Is It Really That Funny?

Over at Chronicles Beth has just shared a weblog post that I have enjoyed quite a lot, not only because of its message but also because of the scenario where it is coming from. The title of the weblog post is Centrality Journal and in it she is referencing another[…]

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