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It’s Who You Know, but We Already Knew That, Didn’t We?

A couple of weeks back you would remember how I created a weblog post where I was providing some initial entry points on some very useful resources regarding the ever interesting subject of Social Network Analysis here is another article that I am sure you would be able to find[…]

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IBM Warms to Social Networking – Probably About Time, Right?

Continuing further with some other discussions I have been having over here around the role of Web 2.0 or social software within the enterprise, I thought I would continue sharing some further thoughts on what is actually happening inside IBM itself;  how it is being impacted (And big time!) by[…]

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Who Knows Whom, And Who Knows What?

While going through my daily catch up of RSS newsfeeds I have bumped into one particular article over at CIO that I am sure plenty of folks over here would be very much interested in, specially if you are into Social Network Analysis. The article is titled Who Knows Whom,[…]

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