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GreaterIBM on ibm.com: The Network Hub

Tags: GreaterIBM, IBM, ibm.com, Social Networking, Social Computing, Social Software, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Web 3.0, Enterprise 3.0, Second Life, Virtual Worlds, Metaverse, Virtual Bloc Party There is no denying that as of late plenty of things have actually been happening in IBM around the subject of Social Computing and[…]

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It’s Who You Know, but We Already Knew That, Didn’t We?

A couple of weeks back you would remember how I created a weblog post where I was providing some initial entry points on some very useful resources regarding the ever interesting subject of Social Network Analysis here is another article that I am sure you would be able to find[…]

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IBM Warms to Social Networking – Probably About Time, Right?

Continuing further with some other discussions I have been having over here around the role of Web 2.0 or social software within the enterprise, I thought I would continue sharing some further thoughts on what is actually happening inside IBM itself;  how it is being impacted (And big time!) by[…]

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