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Enterprise 2.0 Perceived Risks: Myth or Reality?

Last week I was actually participating in a customer related event where we were having some really good discussions around the topic of social computing within the enterprise and, in particular, with one of the most prominent inhibitors that comes along, time and time again, when talking about adoption of[…]

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Cognitive Surplus and the Hippie 2.0 Connection

I think, by now, there will be very few people out there who may not have been exposed already to the wonderful TED Talk from Clay Shirky around the topic of “How cognitive surplus will change the world“. It’s one of those delightful presentations of under 15 minutes that will[…]

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Collaborative Culture: On Reinventing the Social Enterprise

Those folks who have been following this blog for a long while now would probably realise how, for quite some time, I have firmly believed that the main challenge with regards to the successful adoption of social computing within the enterprise is no other than a cultural one. Nothing to[…]

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The Social Enterprise – Nothing New Invented Here!

So, what happens when two of my favourite people, the always fun, insightful and thought-provoking Ulrike Reinhard and the wicked-smart Lee Bryant (Along with both Dominik and Simon Wind), get together in front of a camera in a lovely place and start talking for a bit over 30 minutes around[…]

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