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IBM Lotusphere 2008 – Highlights from First Day – Sunday 19th

As you may have well read from my various twitterings during the course of yesterday, I am already here in Orlando attending what’s supposed to be the IBM conference of conferences worldwide: Lotusphere 2008. The actual conference starts today with the general speaker session, something that plenty of us are[…]

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Celebrating 8 Years in IBM!

As most of you may remember from a recent blog post I created a few weeks back, today was my first day at my new job as part of IBM‘s Software (SWG) Tech Sales and Social Software Programs and Enablement Teams. Overall, I have been having an incredibly busy day[…]

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5 BIG Reasons CEOs Should Blog

As I am entering my last week working on the transition from the old job to the new one, earlier on today there was an incredibly piece of great news that even though it may not be suitable for this particular audience (i.e. The Internet Blogosphere), I just cannot help[…]

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elsua’s Second Anniversary

I cannot believe that another year has gone by just like that! Yes, that is right, folks. Today it is elsua.net‘s second anniversary!! A day like today in October 2005 elsua.net was going live on the Internet. After 2.5 years of blogging internally behind the firewall, I finally decided, back[…]

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