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Blogs and Wikis “Ten Years in the Making” – And?

While scanning through InsideKnowledge I bumped into a very short article titled Blogs and wikis “ten years in the making” by Graeme Burton where he comes to talk how there have been some people out there who have been indicating all along how weblogs and wikis are actually something not[…]

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The Truth about Enterprise Wikis

Here is a weblog worth while subscribing to that you may not have seen before: The WorkPlace Blog. Here is a fragment of what the main topics are from that weblog itself: “[…] The blog covers news, trends, commentary, events and emerging technologies that are affecting the enterprise workplace […]“.[…]

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Wikis and Blogs Transforming Workflow

How many times have you seen how different people just don’t seem to get it? How many times have you been confronting yourself with skeptics saying that both wikis and weblogs could not possibly work in a corporate environment? How many times have you seen how folks feel that one[…]

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Wikis, Blogs and Other Points of Failure – Fear Not

Talking about the new style on Knowledge Management, I thought that people would be interested in reading this particular news article: Wikis, Blogs and Other Points of Failure by Joshua Greenbaum on how both wikis and weblogs may not be the best of knowledge sharing and collaborative tools in the[…]

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