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Welcome to the Social Enterprise Awakening!

There is no doubt that this week will probably be remembered for a long while, in the Social Enterprise space, at least, as one that served as the tipping point of embracing a new dynamic within the corporate world that is slightly different than what we have been witnessing all[…]

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The Social Enterprise and The Circular Economy

Earlier on today, and continuing further with yesterday’s blog entry on “The Social Enterprise – Welcome to the Era of Intrapreneurship!” that I shared over here, my good friend, the always insightful Susan Scrupski put together a follow-up article that absolutely pretty much nails it for me on this whole[…]

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Enterprise Microblogging Use Cases: Help Reduce Your Inbox Clutter!

Earlier on today, and through my Twitter stream, I bumped into a rather interesting blog post put together by Chelsi Nakano under the heading “Enterprise 2.0 Roll-up: Businesses Love Microblogging“, which is pretty close to another one shared by her the previous day under the title “What’s Trending in Enterprise[…]

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