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The Future of Work by Luis Suarez (Full Version)

A couple of days back, you would remember how I created a blog post where I was mentioning a short video-conference interview I participated in where I briefly talked, along with William Pulleyblank, on the topic of The Future of Work and the implications for the corporate world and the[…]

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Sweettt – We’re Going Enterprise 2.0

If yesterday I referenced a podcasting episode I participated in with the Dogear-Nation folks, Michael Rowe & Michael Martine, you would remember how I mentioned as well I had another little surprise for you folks that I would be talking about today. And here I am, with that same spirit[…]

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Giving up on Work e-mail – Status Report on Week 8

Last week Friday I mentioned how I was going to hold off on putting together the weekly progress report blog entry on giving up e-mail (At least, work related e-mail), since I was just too excited about the actual progress made and thought about writing it over the weekend. Alas,[…]

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Into the Big Blue Yonder

Social networks are very powerful, aren’t they? Every single day that goes by it amazes me the incredible potential social networking has got both inside and outside of the corporate world and just beats me why not more and more knowledge workers are making extensive use of them to be[…]

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